Preventing School Violence - How to stop bullying and cyber bullying in schools and promote social and emotional learning

Description of the course: This training course aims to provide participant  with a critical knowledge concerning the phenomenon of youth bullying and  to give information on the impacts that bullying and cyber bullying behaviors have and what are concrete steps that can be taken in order to not only stop, but also prevent to happen.  This course includes practical lessons, seminars, field works, thinking tools, cultural visits, technical visits, conferences with experts. Many practical tools and materials both for trainers and trainees will be supplied and at the end certificates will be delivered, as requested in Erasmus Plus Programme.  


  • How can I recognize  bullying

  • How to develop and enforce a school policy plan on tackling and preventing bullying at school;

  • How do new information and communication technologies modify traditional bullying behavior?  Exchange good practices and discuss challenges with fellow colleagues and the course trainers about how to reduce bullying in schools;

  • What are the risk factors for (cyber) bullying?

  • How to promote positive social development through respectful, clear communication and safe natural and logical consequence.


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