Towards the school of the future! NEUROEDUCATION or neurodidactics. A new vision of teaching!

Neuroeducation is, in short, a bridge discipline between neurology and educational sciences, in which educational psychology has a key role.

It is a scientific development project in which we want to combine the knowledge we have about how the brain works with what is known about educational processes in the field. Normally, the area in which neuroeducation focuses is education in school and academic settings. Neuroeducation is a recent discipline where the latest studies in neuroscience, pedagogy, and psychology meet and synthesize. What was discovered is that the child's learning and well-being follow the same path and that we can equip ourselves with operational tools that can facilitate. The teaching strategies need a conscious structuring able to create functional conditions for learning and limit many of the problems that emerge from work in the classroom: inattention, poor performance, low motivation, low self-esteem. We will talk about the recent neuroscientific discoveries, about pedagogical projects that make use of these new tools and the actions that we can put each into their own reality. Particular attention will be given to emotional education which, according to the principles of neuroeducation, constitutes a fundamental pillar of the new school.
The aim of this course is to illustrate the pedagogical idea and the didactics of new educational projects. A model of school and education in rapid expansion thanks to the pedagogical value of education in nature and to a didactics built starting from the last studies of neuroscience that seem to best respond to the needs of children of our time and the goals set by the European Community.

A particular focus will be on emotional education and neuroeducation that we consider essential tools in the school of the XXI century.

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