The purpose of the course is to encourage school workers and families to work with awareness with the children and help them live happily in the present and to throw seeds for the future. We will try to do this by turning our gaze to the theories of different philosophers and presenting some research carried out in these years. We will provide operational tools that can make the school and the family context places where children happily live their unique and unrepeatable path of growth. We will talk about emotions, about the opportunities they offer us and about how they are fundamental for activating learning processes. Everything starts from self-education and from the work that is done with families, so we will analyze basic concepts such as "explanatory style", self-dialogue and non-violent communication. Many practical tools and materials both for trainers and trainees will be supplied and at the end certificates will be delivered, as requested in Erasmus Plus Programme.  



Participants during the Course will learn :


•Increase knowledge of Italian education system.


• Increase knowledge on learning outside the classroom in natural environments.


• Learn from best practice of the Italian schools.


• Inspire the participants to build learning outside the classroom in natural environments into their teaching practice.

• Increase participants’ confidence and creativity in partnership working.


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