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Literally, Job Shadowing means work-shadow and is aimed at enriching the professional, cultural and human professors of the participating teachers.

The project offers the opportunity to spend some time abroad in an institution (usually a school, a university or any organization in the education sector) and to explore the training methodologies, teaching materials and tools used to acquire skills. and ability to report back to your country and adopt in turn.

The activities foreseen by this path, are a great way to expand your network and get new insights on work and training, taking the best you can get from foreign partners, an experience that is a strong added value for teachers and trainers who can in this way exchange knowledge and teaching methods.




There are many activities that can be carried out during the job-shadowing period:
- observation;
- teaching in their own language / in the language of communication / in the language of the host country;
- exchange of experiences with foreign colleagues;
- acquisition of new teaching, evaluation, etc. strategies

Job-shadowing, therefore, is an opportunity to provide participants with skills, techniques and methods to be applied concretely in teaching activities and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices. Moreover this experience stimulates; the use of foreign languages,
group work and collaboration between teachers from different countries, contributing to the concrete realization of the much-desired European dimension.




We can organize job-shadowing activities for teachers and trainers in numerous sectors, guided visits to other organizations and companies in order to provide a complete exchange of knowledge, forms of learning and other teaching methods.


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