COURSE 1 or 2 weeks



The course will include a generic part concerning the immigration aspects in Europe and in Italy and in particular the study of the "Riace model" well known also beyond the European borders will be explored.

Riace, a tiny dimensional dot in the European map, a giant frame of values of hospitality that in the last 20 years has been able to spread values of solidarity and equality. It represented a European but also an international window of good immigration practices, so much so that today we are talking about "Riace Model" even beyond the European borders. Since a small sailing ship, pushed by the wind, has touched the shores of the small village of Locride with on board migrants fleeing the war, the mayor has immediately opened the doors of his country which has now become an example of "welcoming country". The integration policies, have been immediately combined with the need to prevent Riace from becoming a ghost town, due to the depopulation it was undergoing. Thanks to the Riace model based on the widespread hospitality of migrants, schools and small businesses have survived a certain closure and the country has become an example of multiculturalism also for the district, generating positive dynamics of economic development, also thanks to launch of small workshops for the recovery of local traditions



  1. Study on European legislation about immigrant inclusion

  2.  Deepen analysis of migratory waves on the Italian coast (case study about sea rescues)

  3. How Learn how to integrate immigrant and how to meet other cultures

  4.  Italian reception systems for migrant and asylum seekers

  5.  Riace model study

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