Art: Music, theater, dance, and painting at school!

Training course

course objectives

The course intends to promote the use of innovative teaching tools and the use of active methodologies that see students as the real protagonists of educational processes. Methods of collecting prior knowledge, awareness of metacognitive processes, laboratory activities and suggestions for multimedia documentation, will be some of the topics that will be addressed.

1stDay: Transfer from the airport to accommodation and room allocation. Welcome Meeting. Rules applicable in Italy, information about the city and general information about the Programme.

Managing participant’s expectations about the “Arteducation: Music, theater, dance, and painting at school” course, Walking tour in the historical City.


2ndDay: Lesson on Music. How to use music with children. Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way children feel. It breaks down communication for those pupils who do not communicate verbally or easily. It brings together intellect and feeling and enables personal expression, reflection, and emotional development. As an integral part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand and relate to others, forging important links between the home, school and the wider world.


3rd Day: Workshop on Dance & Drama.

How to encourage pupils to express themselves and their individuality. Dance and drama give their pupils the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their creative talents. As with all arts, dance and drama involves imagination and feeling, and helps pupils make sense of the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop children 's social interaction skills and understanding.

4th Day:Art and painting. Workshop.

Arts are powerful and very individual communication tools for pupils. Through artistic painting, they express their understanding of the world around them and their own internal world. Individual responses and diversity are celebrated, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to create a piece of work.


5th day: workshop, Yoga at school.

Yoga for children is a panacea for growing well from a physical and emotional point of view and for learning to socialize in a playful and pleasant environment.

The practice of Yoga helps the little ones to be aware of their body and the importance of breathing, to develop altruistic behavior and to learn the importance of respecting others and the Planet.

Delivery of the certificate.

6 or 7th day Departure 

Every day the course will change location and will be held either outdoors on the beach /in gardens, or in closed places depending on weather conditions.