AEA is a no profit association operating in the field of vocational training at an international level. Its main aim is to encourage and support mobility across EU Nations as a tool of intercultural dialogue and understanding among people.

The values of Across Europe Academy  that all members stand and work for are:  love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange, unity in diversity, diversity in the unity, openness with tolerance, fun in friendship and respect, international dimension of the life (we are open-minded,  like to discover and explore, to co-operate and to interact to break borders), students helping students,  cooperation in the integration.

Through its innovative high quality lifelong learning academic programmes, the Across Europe Academy  trains people for tomorrow’s industry.We direct our resources towards the development of inclusive programmes which facilitate technical, generic and behavioural skills and competencies, integrate theory and practice, and promote modern leadership approaches.

We are an international team of talented people with the objective of bringing the best results to the European projects.We work for an increasingly united Europe.We think that through the exchange of skills and good practices the European people can grow and improve.